Property Health Checks provide specialist surveying services in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham.

We feel that with our vast amount of knowledge in construction and specialist surveying works plus modern day technology,  we can offer the best priced service for property inspections or general problems you maybe having with your home or work place.

Using digital camera  / video recording equipment in areas like cavity’s walls and no access sub-floors where other surveyors can not get to, also allows us to present findings to the client or home owner.

Property Health Checks is an independent specialist surveying company, whose aim and interest is to establish the cause of problems in properties, also recommending the types of treatment / works required to solve these problems.

The fact that we are independent means that we are not a builder / contractor or property developers and so have no financial gain from finding problems that do not exist. We will therefore assess the problem and come to a conclusion and supply a specification of works if needed independently for you to then pass on to your chosen contractor, if needed.

We carry out calcium carbide ” speedy tests ” as  where core samples are taken from the area of the wall to establish the exact moisture content of the underlying masonry.

Buying condos in cebu such a 38 park Avenue then you will benefit from a builders guarantee for 10 years so that is always an option for the risk averse amongst you