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The Genital Wart Removal

Genital Wart Removal

Genital wart removal is indeed a very sensitive issue. More than anything these types of warts are often confused with a sexually transmitted disease and most people tend to freak out when they first discover them. Like any other form of warts, they are caused by the HPV virus and in this case it affects the skin in your groin, genitals and/or anal area.

Genital warts look different from other types of warts. They vary from white patches, to small blisters to grouped growths that look like cauliflower. In some cases you cannot even see them but only feel the symptoms. Itchiness, sensitive skin and even bleeding are all symptoms of genital warts.

The treatment for genital warts is similar to that of most other warts. Due to the sensitive location some of the harsher methods aren’t possible. Freezing, burning or laser surgery are the most used but there are quite a few other options. In many cases they will go away by themselves but it can also go the other way and spread rapidly. You have to keep a very close eye on it and if it gets worse you need to see your doctor as soon as possible to discuss the best treatment for you.
The best methods for genital wart removal is with natural and homeopathic treatments since they are gentle and won’t leave scars. Also, removing genital warts with surgery can leave horrible scars and can be extremely painful.

The HPV virus cannot be killed and warts cannot be “cured”. All we can really do is to treat the symptoms – which is the actual wart. By removing the wart we remove the symptom but the virus can remain in your bloodstream and reappear in the future.
Although these types of warts are mainly spread through sexual intercourse you can still get it without your partner having any visible signs of it. When the virus gets spread you can break out and get it. The best defense against this is to always have protected sex with new partners. There is also a vaccine called Gardasil which can protect you against 4 different types of the HPV.

Genital wart remover is not nearly as effective as most other wart treatments and in an estimated 30% of cases it returns. Not all treatments are equally effective for all people. If one treatment failed for you, try something else. In the end it’s always wise to get rid of warts since they are highly contagious and can spread very quickly.

Plantar Warts Removal

You Can Now Remove Plantar Warts in Just 2 Weeks Time! Heres How?

You can get rid of planter warts in two weeks, and that too in natural ways. There is no risk, no pain and even no extra expenses. You can remove plantar warts just by using your kitchen ingredients!
Kitchen ingredients like apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, castor oil, lemon juice, cashew nut oil, garlic, raw potatoes are great for removing any type of warts. So, you can apply these products to remove plantar warts in a convenient manner. As for herbs, there are milkweed, aloe vera, marigold and a lot more. These herbs are great remedies for plantar wart removal.

In this article we are going to discuss about planters wart treatment using Apple Cider Vinegar. This product is effective not only for planter warts, but also for other types of warts. You have to apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball and cover it up with a bandage. You can do it once each day. This application will remove plantar warts in 2 weeks.
If you have difficulty to continue this process everyday then, there is another method of applying apple cider vinegar. Go through the following steps to remove plantar warts easily.

Steps to remove plantar warts

Step 1: You need foot basin, warm water, apple cider vinegar
Take warm water in a foot basin. Soak your feet into the warm water. You have to stay for 5 minutes. Then replace the water of foot basin with apple cider vinegar lukewarm solution. Soak your planter wart in to this solution for 14 minutes. Then let the affected area to dry.

Step 2: You need petroleum jelly
Before the final treatment, you need to protect the surrounding skin from harsh effect of apple cider vinegar. To do such, apply petroleum jelly on the surrounding skin. But keep in mind, not to apply the jelly on the wart. Else apply cider vinegar wont be of much use to remove plantar warts

Step 3: You need a nail file
Rub the wart affected portion with a nail file. Do it for just 30 seconds and no more than that. This will help toughen up the wart surface and make pores in the wart. As such, it will allow the apple cider vinegar to soak intensely.

Step 4: You need cotton all, apple cider vinegar and a bandage

Take a sterilised cotton piece and soak it with apple cider vinegar. Then place the cotton piece on your wart directly. Cover it with an adhesive bandage and leave it for the entire day. Repeat the process for two weeks and you will find amazing result.
• For best result apply apple coder vinegar in the evening and leave it overnight.
• Try to repeat the process two times in a day, if possible. It will work to remove plantar warts more quickly.

Other methods to remove plantar warts

You can also follow other methods. Here are some quick tips to plantar wart treatment.
• Apply castor oils on the wart affected portion and rub. Pour three or four drops on a cotton pad and apply on the warts directly. You have to do this two times a day.
• Aloe vera works very good to remove plantar warts. Apply aloe vera juice on warts and cover it. You need to apply aloe vera juice once in a day. Continue the process till you find satisfactory result.
• Take garlic from your kitchen. Apply smashed or sliced garlic on planter warts. Cover it up with a plastic bandage and leave it overnight. Continue the process for a couple of weeks.
• Lemon juice is also very good for planter and other types of warts. Apply lemon juice with cotton ball and let it stay for one day. Repeat it daily. It will take few weeks to cure planter warts.
• Milk weed juice can be great treatment for planter warts. Milk weed is a wild herb. Its juice works efficiently to cure planter warts.
Want to know more on how to remove plantar warts/ other warts? An online survey can be useful if you want to learn from several other natural methods to remove plantar warts.

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