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The most important aspect of having life insurance is it offers you peace of mind. Should you die unexpectedly, your family is protected from financial burden at an already difficult time. Though you may have coverage offered at your workplace, it may not be enough to cover all the costs and it won’t travel with you should you become laid off or leave.
Pioneer insurance can pay for day-to-day expenses, final costs, debts and child education. Let’s look at some of your options and compare life insurance from RBC and Sun Life Direct.

RBC Insurance
With RBC insurance, you have multiple plans to choose from.
RBC Simplified Plan
The RBC Simplified Plan offers term life insurance under €250,000. Your premiums and coverage stay fixed for the term of the policy from 10-20 years. Upon your death, your beneficiary or estate will receive a tax-free death benefit. However, this benefit is excluded should death be due to suicide within the first 2 years of coverage.
You can apply for coverage in as little as 15 minutes and you have a full 30 days to review the plan and cancel for a full refund. The RBC Simplified Plan can also be easily converted to a permanent or universal life insurance plan.
Should you become terminally ill, you are eligible for a compassionate advance of up to 50% of your benefit, up to €50,000.
To be eligible for this plan, you must be aged 18-70 years (Term 10) or aged 18-60 (Term 20) and be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident/landed immigrant living in Canada for 12 months or more.
Premium costs depend on age, gender, health, family history, smoking habits and benefit coverage amount.
Term Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance Cebu offers coverage of €250,000 and above. Like the RBC Simplified Plan, your beneficiary will receive the full benefit amount tax-free and you can request a compassionate advance up to €50,000 should you become terminally ill. This plan is also easily converted to a permanent or universal plan.
Term Life Insurance offers riders to accompany your policy. The Children’s Term Rider covers your biological and legally adopted children. The Accidental Death rider pays an additional death benefit should your death be the result of an accident. Also, if you become disabled for a period of six months or more, your monthly premiums will be waived.
To be eligible for term life insurance, you must be between the ages of 18-70 (Term 10) or 18-60 (Term 20) and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident/landed immigrant who has lived in Canada for 12 months or more. Benefits are not paid out should death be due to suicide with the first 2 years of coverage.
Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
The main benefit of permanent life insurance is your rates never go up.
Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance offers up to €25,000 in coverage for Canadian citizens or permanent residents living in Canada for 12 months or more. They must be between the ages of 50-75 years to qualify.
A Term 100 policy is a permanent insurance policy that covers individuals aged 18-85 years. Coverage starts at €50,000 and is available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents living in Canada 12 months or more.
Universal Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance combines life insurance coverage with flexible ways to pay your premiums and an added investment portfolio. With universal life insurance, you have access to a wide range of investment options.
You also have the added ability to use the cash value of your policy to supplement your income during retirement. The Children’s Term Rider covers your biological or legally adopted children. The Accidental Death rider pays an additional death benefit should your death be the result of an accident. If you become completely disabled for six months or more, your monthly premiums will be waived.
Universal plans are available to Canadian Citizens or permanent residents living in Canada 12 months or more. You must be between the ages of 0-85 to qualify and should you become terminally ill, you qualify for a compassionate advance of up to €250,000.
Sun Life Direct
Sun Life Direct offers their popular Over 50 Plan for UK residents aged 50-85. Acceptance is guaranteed for as little as €4 per month. It is one of the most popular plans with over 760,000 members. As of July, 2011, the payout has increased by 15%. The first month is free and if you die in a travel accident or as the result of your injuries within 3 months, your beneficiary will receive 3 times the fixed cash sum.
Choose from plans that start at 4 and go up to 74 per month. Acceptance is guaranteed and pays out a fixed cash sum if you’ve had the policy up to 2 years. If you die within the first 2 years, they reimburse your payments plus half as much again.
Funeral Plan
For added protection, you can elect to add the Funeral Plan to your life insurance policy. This way, your final expenses do not place an unnecessary burden on your family during a difficult time. Funeral Plan services include:
Transfer of diseased within mainland Great Britain and Northern Ireland to a place of rest within a 50-mile radius.
Preparation of body, including embalming
Lined and fitted wooden coffin with nameplate
Family support
Provision of hearse
Cremation and death certificate fees



Property Health Checks provide specialist surveying services in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham.

We feel that with our vast amount of knowledge in construction and specialist surveying works plus modern day technology,  we can offer the best priced service for property inspections or general problems you maybe having with your home or work place.

Using digital camera  / video recording equipment in areas like cavity’s walls and no access sub-floors where other surveyors can not get to, also allows us to present findings to the client or home owner.

Property Health Checks is an independent specialist surveying company, whose aim and interest is to establish the cause of problems in properties, also recommending the types of treatment / works required to solve these problems.

The fact that we are independent means that we are not a builder / contractor or property developers and so have no financial gain from finding problems that do not exist. We will therefore assess the problem and come to a conclusion and supply a specification of works if needed independently for you to then pass on to your chosen contractor, if needed.

We carry out calcium carbide ” speedy tests ” as  where core samples are taken from the area of the wall to establish the exact moisture content of the underlying masonry.

Buying condos in cebu such a 38 park Avenue then you will benefit from a builders guarantee for 10 years so that is always an option for the risk averse amongst you

Best Realtors Agents in Cebu

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Real Estate Broker in Cebu

To find a trustworthy letting agent, a great deal of meticulous research is required. With so many hucksters masquerading as certified agents out there, you just cannot afford to pick anyone who claims to be a specialist in this sensitive field. As such, this article highlights some helpful considerations to help you pick thoroughly practiced letting specialist. Read on to discover the top 5 tips for finding fully seasoned Cebu Realtor to let, manage or sell your property in Cebu .

1. Experience

To stand the best chances of enjoying the best real estate services, go for a practitioner who has successfully provided similar services before. To be sure that the letting agent has satisfactorily served other individuals previously, ask them to table any list of their past clients. Personally contact such individuals to bear out the claims that they were assisted by the agents in question.

2. Licensing/Registration

To avoid giving your money to one of the many impostors or quacks who have invaded the lucrative property market, ask to be shown the testimonials that attest to a given agent’s licensing and registration status. Make sure that credentials they have are accordingly updated as some may have been de-registered as a result of past professional misconducts.

3. Referrals

Since you are not the first individual to look for the best real estate broker in Cebu, you should enlist the assistance of individuals who have sought such professionals previously. Ask for a number of suggestions but conduct your own research to make the best choice. Make sure that you pick a thoroughly tested and proven letting broker who can help you land favourable deals in this super competitive sector.

4. Fees/Cost

Letting agent fees are not uniform across the board. Since different practitioners levy according their personally set standards, it is imperative to select a letting broker who charges the most reasonable brokerage fees. Nonetheless, you should never forget the truthful time-honored adage that the cheapest is not often the best. It is however important to note that every top-cadre letting agencies obviously charge high service fees.

5. Reviews

Finally, hire a Leeds letting broker who has amassed many rave reviews from their past clients. Contracting a top letting agent who has established a solid reputation for excellent service delivery is a fail-safe guarantee that you’ll enjoy the best letting deals in the industry. Nonetheless, you should still be careful to avoid being misled by unreliable agents who may forge client reviews while faking that the same were posted by supposedly satisfied customers.

Brighton Couriers

Oftentimes, these smaller Shoreham by Sea couriers are specialised couriers. This means that they have allocated their time and resources to take on delivery assignments belonging to a single specialized category. For example, some medical courier companies are not large corporations. These companies are fully equipped to handle the delivery of anything from an extremely sensitive donated organ for transplant, a fragile crate of glass syringes or a bulky and heavy piece of medical equipment. They will not stray from this delivery model as their skills and resources are better suited and easily allocated for delivery assignments related to medical purposes.

Just like globe dominating large scale companies, smaller courier companies also come in many forms. The previously mentioned medical couriers, gift couriers, bike messengers and man and van companies are some of the most popular ones. Bike messengers are extremely useful couriers who are fast and reliable when it comes to taking care of deliveries in large cities where traffic has become a major problem. The main advantage of bike messengers is the fact that they are fully capable of weaving in and out through unmoving traffic without causing damages to the parcels or getting in to accidents. As for man and van service providers, they are exactly what the name suggests: a man with a van.

These Brighton couriers are probably the most versatile services providers in the entire industries. They are fully capable of handling anything from regular parcel deliveries to a relocation deal. Corporate couriers are those who work inside a building or an office complex, delivering important documents or running errands for the staff.

Small to medium scale courier companies are highly capable service providers that either choose to operate at a smaller scale or are in the beginning stages of their businesses. For someone on the lookout for a small courier company, the internet is the best place to commence the search as even the smallest bike messenger has a website nowadays.

Benefits of scrapping your car

Benefits of scrapping your old, used and rusty car.

When we talk about the scrap cars first thing that comes to our mind is where to get it scrap? However, it is pretty obvious to think this question as not every junkyard auto company can be trusted. A deep research using the internet searching for “scrap my car harrogate” must be carried out to make the selection of one boasting rich industry experience and good market reputation. Once searched for a reliable and authorized now it’s the time to determine why your car needs to be scrapped. There are many reasons which can lead to the scrapping of your car. There can be instances when your car gets involved in an accident or develops any serious problem; this is where one must decide to scrap the car. If you scrap my car yorkshire , you significantly add on to the reduction of waste that may further harm the environment. Therefore, always ensure that the scrap lying in your lawn or garage is harmful to the environment and must be removed. Scraps like cars, cycle or any other form of the junkyard are harmful. By deciding to sell used car you make a wise decision as a scrapping car comes along with some serious benefits.

One of the major advantages of scrapping your car, you get financially benefited from the deal. Yes, there are numerous auto dealer companies engaged in buying the scrapped car for further multiple applications. However, it is your duty to share all authentic information about your car including its current condition. This way the company further will evaluate the correct value of your used car and pay you the right amount. You can always earn some serious cash out of your junkyard used a car. The auto dealers remove the spare parts of your car and other parts as well to recycle further and reuse.

People must understand that instead of throwing their old used car to the bins, they must be recycled. The recycling can only be done by companies involved in the business of scrapping car. Their entire procedure of scrapping inculcates of removing every part of a car and storing it separately to recycle further and re-use them.

Another major advantage of scrapping your car is the benefit to the environment. Apart from getting financially benefited you also tend to benefit the environment. As disposing of the junkyard vehicle can lead to the environment hazardously so, it is always recommended to get it scrapped. Therefore, ensure that you get cash from selling your scrap car Yorkshire.

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