Oftentimes, these smaller Shoreham by Sea couriers are specialised couriers. This means that they have allocated their time and resources to take on delivery assignments belonging to a single specialized category. For example, some medical courier companies are not large corporations. These companies are fully equipped to handle the delivery of anything from an extremely sensitive donated organ for transplant, a fragile crate of glass syringes or a bulky and heavy piece of medical equipment. They will not stray from this delivery model as their skills and resources are better suited and easily allocated for delivery assignments related to medical purposes.

Just like globe dominating large scale companies, smaller courier companies also come in many forms. The previously mentioned medical couriers, gift couriers, bike messengers and man and van companies are some of the most popular ones. Bike messengers are extremely useful couriers who are fast and reliable when it comes to taking care of deliveries in large cities where traffic has become a major problem. The main advantage of bike messengers is the fact that they are fully capable of weaving in and out through unmoving traffic without causing damages to the parcels or getting in to accidents. As for man and van service providers, they are exactly what the name suggests: a man with a van.

These Brighton couriers are probably the most versatile services providers in the entire industries. They are fully capable of handling anything from regular parcel deliveries to a relocation deal. Corporate couriers are those who work inside a building or an office complex, delivering important documents or running errands for the staff.

Small to medium scale courier companies are highly capable service providers that either choose to operate at a smaller scale or are in the beginning stages of their businesses. For someone on the lookout for a small courier company, the internet is the best place to commence the search as even the smallest bike messenger has a website nowadays.